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Google iTunes

November the 16th was the day Google Music was officially launched in the US.

A few quick thoughts:

- Cloud computing has definitely arrived and it looks as though Google’s 20,000 free song storage giveaway is a lucrative offer to get people through the door. At least I would if they’d let us in Australia!

- People have said that it’s streaming capabilities across platforms/browsers is quite seamless and there’s an unsurprisingly big play with G+ integration.

- Hundreds of Labels (the big guys and unsigned) have rushed in to gain rights to stream the 13 million tracks.

- The launch of Google Music’s Artist Hub tool is something to really take note of for all you emerging artists out there. For $25, you can sell your music at a price of your choosing and keep 70% of the revenue. A nice alternative to the traditional iTunes or Bandcamp solution which you would hope be the beginning of a potential price war.

Artist Hub Pitch:

Also, Google Music’s Tour is probably the most engaging and cool tour I can remember seeing. Check it out here!


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